DISCOVER The Oxi machine - next generation treatment
Oxygen is essential to all bodily functions. The body can only survive a few minutes without oxygen,
and approximately 90% of our body's energy is generated by oxygen. Molecular hydrogen is an emerging
miracle worker, with scientists making ground-breaking leaps and bounds in the past decade.
Naturally found in small traces in air and what makes water hydrating. H2 or molecule hydrogen
is the molecule form of hydrogen gas that is a natural anti-inflammatory.
When combined with oxygen, increased penetration of the cells occurs.
"Hydrogen is becoming well-known as a new powerful inflammatory regulator."
- Prof. Stephen Westaby, Royal College of Surgeons (regarded as Britain's leading heart surgeon)
oxygen + Hydrogen

The Oxi machine produces an Oxygen/Hydrogen gas mixture that fulfils the strict criteria of being a class 111 medical device. Incorporating an ultrasonic nebuliser capable of producing and atomizing the gases from water.

Molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe, as well as being colourless, odourless, and light.

(It can penetrate steel containers!)

Inhaling a concentrated amount of these combined gases at a ratio enables superior absorption by the body.

The Hydrogen is able to penetrate the mitochondria carrying Oxygen directly to the 'cell battery' enhancing natural processes in our cells, resulting in an overall healthier body. The mechanism of Hydrogen gas is mainly attributed to its

anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effect, also any auto-immune + degenerative disease related to inflammation and oxidative stress. The safety of inhaling hydrogen gas can be guaranteed with no side effects.

During the early COVID phase in China, across 20 hospitals, the Oxi Machine was used with great effect.
Seeing successful results with over 2000 patients, regulating inflammation in the lungs, thus markedly
improving breathing restrictions  Accepted as a supportive therapy for COVID-19 and enlisted as an official
therapy. A clinical study is currently underway reviewing the exact results.

The Oxi Machine has been tested over 9 years. With positive effects on a variety of illness, supporting the protection and renewal of the body at cellular level.