Kaqun water represents an absolutely unique advancement in water technology, leading to a specific treatment process that enables oxygen to be absorbed by the body to a greater extent. The Kaqun technology transforms dissolved oxygen into a stabilized form. Kaqun water is the only currently known water that has undergone more than ten years of clinical and laboratory research.

For more than ten years, all-natural and additive-free Kaqun water has been tested to produce measurable increase in cellular oxygen levels. Unlike other oxygenated water that rapidly loses their oxygen to the atmosphere, Kaqun water is not made by pumping oxygen into water. Instead, the oxygen-rich water is produced via a proprietary process where oxygen exists in a stable and bound form that can be beneficially harnessed by the body.

Pink Bath Tub
  • Supports the Immune System

  • Relaxing and energizing

  • Length of bath: 50_minutes

  • Temperature: 98.6_F

  • Water pH value: increased

  • Feels silky and soft

  • Single-use tub

The oxygen supply of the body declines during the formation of illnesses, the tissues acidify and their regeneration ability decelerates. Water is not only one of the most important elements of our body but it is a more ancient, natural medium of us than air. Pure bathwater and medicinal water contain 0.3% dissolved oxygen.


The Kaqun oxygen water stores dissolved oxygen (16-18 mg/l), which is stable, not bubbly, does not evaporate from the tube. The pipeline water-based Kaqun water gets into the Kaqun system after manifold filtering, softening. In the pleasant water at the temperature of the body the pores of the skin open, the water through the capillary veins of the skin gets into the bloodstream.


The Kaqun water in the form of a bath is available in the Kaqun baths. With a bath, such a huge amount of oxygen gets into the body, which cannot be reached with any sports activity or increased breathing.

A benevolent pH shift takes place in the body, which starts the normal life processes.


Using Kaqun bath water you can introduce excess oxygen into the body with the greatest possible effectiveness, It can help to restore the operational balance of the body. The bath takes place in special tubs, where a bath is 50 minutes long in a slightly alkaline oxygen-rich water at a temperature of 38 °C. You can have a bath maximum three times a day. The number of baths depends on the improvement of the general state of people. During the bath, the buoyant force of the water exerts a positive effect on the muscles and joints, and a relaxing, comforting effect on the whole body.


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