• Chrissy Monk-Slocombe

Oxygen Water

Updated: May 11, 2020

"If you have not met the incredible man called Dr. Robert Lyons you are missing something very special! Those who have …..know what I am talking about! How about this….OK lets start with what does a simple organism need compare to what a complex body needs….Lets see…..AIR (oxygen) WATER  SUNLIGHT  FOOD Its basic…. provide life with these things and it flourishes...Simples!   Kaqun baths - address a lack of oxygen in your body(hypoxia) and disease is let in. Oxygenate your body! The quickest way- immerse your body in a Kaqun Bath—amazing things start to happen!!! I have seen for myself!  (Look out for a Kaqun bath opening soon in the UK) Then drinking Kaqun water - pure spring water with an added oxygen molecule. Protect yourself and your loved ones. This water has a lot of scientific data behind it, its been tried and tested! Is totally amazing!! Check out Kaqun drops a unique living 100% natural formula replenishing THE ENTIRE INTESTINAL FLORA - an outstanding product! And there is more check out the Kaqun gels".

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