• Chris Slocombe


Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I wanted to share with you an amazing machine that I have found to be extremely helpful to the body in many ways. Whilst Resilo is not able to function in the normal way due to the current restrictions, with this machine, we are still able to deliver a great boost to the body when it is needed!

The Oxi ® machine nebulises Oxygen & Hydrogen simultaneously.

Hypoxia is now an acknowledged medical factor behind many conditions and diseases (recent Nobel prizes have been awarded for Hypoxia research) therefore factor linked to speed recovery. Oxygen and hydrogen have been found in various clinical studies around the world to be highly effective. Indeed some Medical Researchers go a stage further to say that you do not have a disease, you have Hypoxia. This machine offers a solution to Hypoxia.

Combatting Hypoxia has also been taken a stage further within Elite sport with several new performance records being set following treatment.

Some things this machine could help with:

Infections & Breathing problems, because of the way the machine works it is particularly good with these, including post viral recovery. Degenerative diseases, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, can help with free radicals, therefore can help with a range of conditions to boost tissue recovery.

Here are some feedback comments from recent clients:

"Brain fog gone"

"Breathing deeper"

"The pain in my back has gone"

"My sinuses have cleared"

"My arm stopped shaking"

"Anxiety has gone"

"My balance has come back"

"I feel like I’ve got my lungs working properly again"

"The pressure on my head has lifted"

I am very excited about this new technology and invite you to come in and try it out.

We have all the COVID 19 guidelines in place and the most relaxing environment to enjoy this new and very valid experience.

We are offering trial treatment sessions for £30 or x6 for £170.

Call Resilo office on 01342 300300 or 07747036747 or email hello@thehealthgroup.uk

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