• Completely unique in its composition and production
  • 100% natural living materials, therefore available in the form of drops, not capsules
  • Complex mechanism of action, combining herbs, fermentation, and probiotics
  • Balanced and gradual effects
  • Replenishes the entire intestinal flora, NOT JUST PART OF IT
  • Free of sugar, alcohol, and preservatives


For best results, use with Kaqun Drinking Water

Available in 30 ml bottles

Herbal extract content: 2250 mg/50 ml

Daily amount of active ingredients: 45 - 135 mg


  • Herbs (matricariaeflos, millefoliiherba, rosaepreudofructus, sambuciflos, apismelliferrae propolis, querci cortex, absinthiiherba) water extract produced by natural fermentation (1:20)