The regular consumption of Kaqun water widely enhances wellness by strengthening the immune system

and accelerating the repair and regeneration of the body. Inflammation is reduced, allergic symptoms

are alleviated, and side effects of medical treatments are moderated. Kaqun water is the only

currently known water, which is available both in bottled form and as a bath,


  • No chemicals or toxic substances are used in the production of Kaqun water

  • All of the oxygen comes from the water itself - there is no high pressure oxygen intake from an external source

  • The water has a very high purity and a very stable oxygen content that doesn’t decrease once the bottle is opened

Oxygen is essential to all bodily functions. The body can only survive a few minutes without oxygen, and approximately 90% of our body's energy is generated by oxygen. KAQUN drinking water helps the body recover from hypoxia (low oxygen in cells) and energizes from within.

* All prices are inclusive VAT